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Batteries are the barrier to IoT viability at scale


The hassle of battery replacement is a significant consumer, commercial and industrial pain point.


Batteries often contain many toxic substances such as lead, cadmium, nickel and mercury. Safe disposal is a massive challenge while recycling is difficult and expensive.


Replacement batteries and the labor required to exchange them can be prohibitively expensive.


Depleted batteries may cause gaps in device operation leading to inconvenient or even dangerous outcomes.

Record 3X Performance

Up to three times greater power density compared to conventional indoor amorphous silicon solar cells.

Ambient breaks down IoT barriers with the world’s most powerful low light photovoltaic cells.

Our revolutionary new energy harvesting science harnesses indoor and outdoor ambient light to create an endless power source “out of thin air.”

The only energy harvesting technology that is optimized for low-light, real-world conditions.

With high power density under LED, fluorescent or diffuse sunlight, Ambient’s PV cells enable ground-breaking advances in the design, function, performance, sustainability, reliability and user experience of self-powered devices.

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