Chris Turkstra

Having spent 25 years envisioning, designing, launching and scaling products and platforms for hundreds of millions of users worldwide, Chris leverages his experience building devices to drive Ambient’s product and marketing strategies with an insider’s view of the greatest challenges and opportunities facing the industry.

His experience leading multi-disciplinary teams at Amazon (Fire TV), Google (Google Assistant), Samsung Electronics, Apple (Mac) and Microsoft (Xbox) translates into a uniquely customer-centric product strategy and marketing approach designed to accelerate the industry’s transition from batteries to Ambient power. His background enables him to work ‘across the stack’ with partners and industry to drive product innovation.

This commitment to empower the industry to create devices with endless power is inspired as much by his insider’s perspective on product innovation as it is by his own carbon footprint. Chris estimates that he helped create devices that consumed more than 3 billion batteries, most of which ended up in landfills.

Now, Chris is excited to begin to offset that carbon footprint by shipping millions of Ambient cells, working with customers and partners across every sector to make great products that also deliver a huge win for sustainability.

Bates Marshall

Co-Founder and CEO

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Kethinni Chittibabu

Ph.D., Co-founder and CTO

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Joshua Wright

VP of Engineering

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