A Smarter Way to
Power Smart Devices

Ambient Photonics was founded in 2019 in California to bring low light energy harvesting technology to mass scale. Initially focused on Smart Home and IoT applications, the company is making a new generation of connected devices with endless power a reality.

A spin-off of the Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry, the company has developed a first-of-its-kind low light energy harvesting photovoltaic (PV) technology that generates more than three times the power of conventional indoor PV technologies from a broader spectrum of indoor and outdoor ambient light. This chemistry breakthrough enables revolutionary advances in device design, function, performance, sustainability, reliability and consumer experience.Unlike high performance solar photovoltaic technologies of the past, these innovations are cost compatible with today’s mass scale technologies. Ambient employs a novel industrial solar printing technology to coat its proprietary chemistry on thin, durable glass substrates — producing photovoltaic cells of virtually any size and shape. This flexibility empowers industrial designers, allowing them to embed Ambient’s cells into a variety of product shapes and structures.

Funded since its inception by Cthulhu Ventures LLC, the company has raised $31 million in Series A financing, led by Amazon via its Climate Pledge Fund and Ecosystem Integrity Fund (EIF), with Tony Fadell’s Future Shape and I Squared Capital participating. With this financing, Ambient will build the world’s largest U.S.-based low-light solar cell production facility, scaling its low-cost, high-power density solar cells to mass market adoption. Ambient is also pursuing a proposed $162 million Department of Energy (DOE) loan under the Title XVII Loan Guarantee Program for further manufacturing expansion.

With offices in Scotts Valley, California, and Lowell, Massachusetts, Ambient’s leadership team combines leading edge low light PV scientific expertise with practical, global experience in high volume electronic device manufacturing.

The company is working with the world’s largest connected device manufacturers to reimagine their applications inspired by the question, ‘With endless power, what can we do?’ More than a component supplier, Ambient is a true collaborator, lending PV cell and energy harvesting expertise to its partners’ in-house strategic planning and engineering teams to fast track new product development.

Ambient enhances manufacturers’ opportunities to align with consumer values that further boost sales and brand loyalty. In an era in which consumers value both cutting-edge connected technology and planet-friendly products, Ambient empowers brands to deliver both. The company is a spin-off of the Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry. By eliminating battery waste and harvesting energy from everyday light,

Ambient’s PV cells reduce the carbon footprint of a battery-powered device by 93%

The company’s ambient light-harvested power source also solves the ubiquitous customer pain point of battery life, delivering a maintenance-hassle-free and reliable ownership experience.

Ambient is inspiring a new era in connected device form and function

— delivering superior energy density and performance through a flexible solar cell that advances industrial design and production at scale at a price point that makes sense. It’s time for a smarter way to power smart devices.

Ambient is a proud recipient of a CES 2021 Innovation Award for Sustainability, Eco-Design & Smart Energy.