Ambient Photonics Collaborates with Google to Develop a new Solar-Powered Device  for Launch in 2024

Ambient and Google Collaboration

The new device will be the first to feature Ambient’s all-new bifacial solar cells, which – in a breakthrough for the indoor DSSC solar market – are capable of harnessing light energy from both sides of the product.

LAS VEGAS, January 9, 2024 — Ambient Photonics, pioneers of low-light, indoor solar cell technology for everyday electronics, today announced that it is partnering with Google on the development of a new consumer product that will feature the world’s most powerful indoor solar cell technology that turns any light source into power, ushering in a new age of sustainable, battery-free, connected devices.

“Ambient Photonics is tremendously excited to work together with Google on this first-of-its-kind product that takes full advantage of our breakthrough low-light, indoor solar cell technology,” said Bates Marshall, Ambient Photonics’ Co-Founder & CEO. “  And I can think of no better time and place to make this announcement than here in Las Vegas on the opening day of CES 2024, the epicenter of breakthrough consumer technologies.”

With Ambient’s bifacial solar cell technology, light power can be harvested from both sides of the cell to produce more energy, boost cell efficiency, and enable more powerful electronics. The front side of an Ambient bifacial solar cell delivers 100% of the power that Ambient cells are known for, while the back side delivers at least 50% of the energy as the front side. The technology has the capability to completely revolutionize the way many traditionally battery powered commercial and consumer products are designed and engineered.

For more information about Ambient Photonics, visit For a complete CES 2024 media kit, including digital imagery, click here.

About Ambient Photonics

California-based Ambient Photonics was founded in 2019 to bring low-light energy harvesting technology to mass scale. Ambient’s technology was originally developed at the Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry and funded at inception by Cthulhu Ventures LLC. Ambient is backed by leading investors like Amazon’s Climate Pledge Fund, Ecosystem Integrity Fund (EIF), Fine Structure Ventures, I Squared Capital and Tony Fadell’s Future Shape. The company’s low-light solar cells deliver ground-breaking power density at mass market price points, inspiring a new era in connected device form and function. Ambient works with leading global electronics manufacturers to deliver superior design possibilities, performance, sustainability and convenience with embedded solar cells across a range of disposable battery-powered devices. Explore endless power at:

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