Joshua Wright
VP of Engineering

Joshua leads engineering with a focus advancing Ambient’s energy harvesting technology and delivering proof of concepts for customers seeking to deploy Ambient technology in their products.

For Joshua, the engineering in his title is reflective not only of his interdisciplinary approach to prototyping novel product features and bringing award-winning products from concept to completion, but also of his ability to organize product thinking. This integrative approach allows him to lead a multi-specialty team of engineers as they accelerate IoT edge device development, including hardware, firmware, software and project management.

Under Joshua’s leadership, the Ambient engineering team also operate as what they call ‘tireless fighters of entropy’ — ensuring that the features that will bring the greatest value to consumers remain front and center in the product story.

Joshua’s ability to successfully drive product development forward and keep it on track stems in large part from years of experience navigating the complexities of international manufacturing on behalf of smart home, wearable and IoT startups. Having spent a significant amount of time leading engineering teams in China, he has developed essential insight into the profound cultural differences that impact how work gets done. He understands diverse stakeholder motivations, is able to anticipate the blindspots and roadblocks that too often derail productization, and knows how to be a fierce advocate capable of preserving and protecting essential product features.

Because he has developed products for a wide spectrum of consumer electronics companies — from giants like Fitbit and August Home to smaller Silicon Valley startups — Joshua has consistently operated at the cutting edge of what’s possible. That supercharged perspective informs his work on behalf of Ambient customers who are integrating novel endless power technology into their products for the first time to develop previously unimagined capabilities.
His ability to lead consumer electronics from design to mass production has been recognized with an SXSW Interactive Innovation Award, an ISDA International Design Excellence IDEA Silver Award and a Spark! Product Award.

Kethinni Chittibabu

Ph.D., Co-founder and CTO

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Glenn Gengel


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Bates Marshall

Co-Founder and CEO

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