Product Design With Energy Harvesting: Is My Application a Good Fit? Part 2

At Ambient Photonics, we do everything we can to enlarge the area of intersection between energy harvesting potential and product power consumption.

As a first step for establishing fit for our PV cells and an application, we like to meet with our customers and run through an energy harvesting calculation exercise, utilizing some tools we have based on our characterization of various illumination profiles, our PV cell performance, and our characterization of energy harvesting solution performance.

With that and some understanding the customer’s power consumption needs, we can start to establish what the fit would be based on a certain size of our PV cell.

The desired output of the energy harvesting calculator exercise is for us to understand if we can we meet the product power consumption requirements with a reasonable sized PV cell, as well as whether there are opportunities to reduce product power consumption and therefore reduce the size and cost of the energy harvesting solution.

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