Glenn Gengel

Throughout his career, COO and recognized manufacturing expert Glenn Gengel has successfully brought high technology products from the lab to mass scale over and over again.

Over the course of designing, bringing online and expanding 10 manufacturing plants and production lines around the world, Glenn has further refined his state-of-the-art manufacturing, production control and supply chain methodologies. The industrial processes and manufacturing technology that he developed are protected by 26 US patents. And, though it is now 10 years old, the plant Glenn helped to build for Sage Glass in Faribault, Minnesota, remains the most advanced glass manufacturing operation in the world.

Glenn brings this wealth of experience and familiarity with glass, chemistry, solar cells, flexible printed circuits, electromagnetic technologies and more to Ambient. He is currently leading the project to bring online the company’s breakthrough low carbon footprint printable solar manufacturing operations in Scotts Valley, California. The company is also benefiting from his rigorous quality standards, proven ability to drive costs down and on-the-ground familiarity with key manufacturing locations around the world.

Glenn’s commitment to building highly functioning teams is making it possible to bring manufacturing online under the direction of world class operational talent and in collaboration with best of breed supplier partners.

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